Through well-executed Members and complete end-to-end / Door to Door promotion of Human Rights and many other awareness programs, we try to help dramatically increase their visibility and create value about Human Rights values and there Guideline given in Universal declaration by United Nation Through group discussion, pamphlet, and through other media of information in societies, slum areas ensuring that their rights are valuable.

We do various awareness program on various issues with the support of our government bodies, members, local people where our member are there to give them guideline on various issues Our organization has well qualified members they are trained to understand various issues, situation and people needs.

People are getting advantage from our organization because our members penetrate in all areas where people need help and awareness our members are well familiar to track issues in their areas because they are promoting awareness since few decades in there working areas.

The aim of our organization is to generate N number of awareness camps in coming future through advertisement, direct consoling, cold callings, door-to-door awareness e-publication handbills and pamphlets.