Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in UN charter and covenants. And Human Rights, including the right to self-determination of all nations, are not concerns exclusively within the domestic jurisdiction of the UN member states (Preamble to IHRO Constitution, April 7, 1985).

IHRO is dedicated to the principles stipulated in its Constitution:

Human Rights

Building public opinion in defence of human rights including of all those who struggle for their right to self-determination.


The right to self-determination of all nations and peoples so as to freely determine their political status and pursue their social, economic and cultural development.

Tolerance and Fraternity

Recognition of the principles of universal brother-hood, socio-economic and political justice, and dignity of the individual and rejection of racism, casteism, communalism and chauvinism.


The right to equality and equal protection before law.

Rule of law and Democracy

Promotion of rule of law, justice and democracy.

Independence of Judiciary and Press

The independence and impartiality of the judiciary, freedom of the Press and other mass media.

Peace and political solution

IHRO studies in depth political conflicts and suggests peaceful solutions. And where there are people’s liberation movements by nations and peoples, it seeks for them the right to self-determination.